Reflecting Should Stay In Mirrors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I HATE reflecting and I HATE MYP, but if I start on that we'll be hear till Christmas next year.Undecided

 Sooooooo. Term 2 over! YAY!LaughingLaughingLaughing


It was BORING, I was counting down till the holidays from DAY 1, Too much homework, high stress levels.

It was great, good funny times with friends.

Fave Topics:




I didn't like spelling city one bit. It is soooooooooooooooooooo boring. Cry I think that by year eight we should know how to spell "soccer"! And besides I think we should learn to spell in primary school NOT high school.

 They think that playing hangman, doing wordsearches and srambling up words is "fun"!Yell Please save it for primary school kids or people with learning disabilities. They would really enjoy it.

I found it REALLY ANNOYING. Hopefully we wouldn't be forced to do it again. Undecided


City Camp :(

Last week I went on a camp in the city!

Let's just say it was not enjoyable.Yell

The hotel was disgusting - there was vomit on the floor after they supposedly "CLEANED" the room, the whole place really smelt and my room was way overcrowded- it had 18 people in it!

We had an overdose of questions to answer about ALL the places we went.

The Immagration Muesum and Melbourne Muesum were so boring I wanted to fall asleep. (It would have been so much better if there was no or less questions to answer).

The only good food was the food we bought. The food we had for dinner the night we stayed was yuck! People were very over dressed for the occasion- wearing make up put on in a wrong way and having really short skirts and tops that were revealing.

I don't think I sleep a wink. There was party going on downstairs and everyone was talking for who knows how long.

Since the trams were overcrowded on the first day my class had to walk from the Immagration Muesum to the Melbourne Muesum then back to the hotel. AND it was a hot day too!



The funniest thing about camp was when we were told that we couldn't bring hair straightners and everyone at the same time goes "OHHHHHHHHHHHH!" and complains. It was really funny.  I mean it's only 1 night and it's not like you NEED to have perfectly straight unfrizzy hair to walk around the city with! 

The only thing I liked doing was going to the Vic Market, Block and Royal Arcade and the Fizroy Gardens. I also enjoyed having a slurpee which made me go crazy!Tongue out

Hope you're camp experience won't and wasn't anything like mine!Wink




happy new year 2008



World War 2 was a sad time for many. I just went on a WWII website and saw that life back then was hard. Food was rationed, would be hard. But I ♥ potatoes so I'd be ok!Cool

I'm so glad I wasn't born in that era. Life was too simple back then. I wouldn't want to be an evacuee or have rationed food or only be allowed to by a certain amount of clothes and etc.



All About ME!

LaughingHI! My name's Jess!

I'm soooooooooooo annoyed that school has started. I really enjoyed the holidays!

I had a great Christmas and a really good birthday that I got heaps of pressies from.

I went to Port Douglas and had an awesome time snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, discovering the Daintree rainforest and having HEAPS of ice cream!Smile IT WAS SOOOOOOOO HOT THERE!

I'm missing sleeping in, since now I'm waking up at 6:30am!Cry


 Bye till my next blog!


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