Mirangeline Private Academy for Girls


This is MPA, if you would like to enrol please contact Kara and she will send a message onto the Principles- Miranda and/or Evie to send out the enrolment forms and requirements.


Mirangeline Private Academy for Girls- Miranda, Evie, Kara and Mikaela


Textiles ,Cooking, Photography, Drama, Sport, Kung Fu, Sign Language, Art, English,Maths, Humanities, Jewellery Making, Free periods, Beauty Classes, Driving lessons (Years 7-12), Shopping classes, Movie Making, Electric whiteboard lessons, Animal caring lessons, Friendship classes, Photoshop workshops, Experimental Science classes, Home and Away history classes, Dancing lessons.



Restrooms: Bathroom attendant to offer mints and refreshments when needed. Make-up and hair supplies. Hair straightner, curler etc. Automatic flush toilets. Emergency wardrobe of clothing for anyone in need of a change of clothes. Emergancy nail repair kit!!! An emergency hairstylist incase of a hair fiasco!

Classrooms: Modern and contemporary.Llarge space, Electronic whiteboards, every room equipped with AppleMac's, 1 small bathroom, wooden floor boards, energy saving light globes, 1 wall covered in mirrors, walls to be in various rainbow stripes, monitors to be kept at room temperature, blinds that adjust to give the right lighting for various needs, couches, recliners, chandeliers, fragrance supply, LCD T.V on the wall.

Lounge: Chill out zone for every year level, couches, LCD T.V, Buffet (breakfast,lunch,snacks) waiters (male), Restaurant where students can dine at lunch, lolly shop, shoe shop, clothing shop, makeup and hair shop, Gloria Jeans.

Sports Hall: The size of MCG, quarter wooden floor, quarter grass, quarter water, quarter mats, one wall filled with mirrors, Awards wall, 30,000 seats padded with rainbow striped cushions in the grand stand, unbreakable 20 chandeliers in the roof with energy saving lightglobes.

Hallways: wooden floors with pale blue carpet streaming down the middle, small locker rooms of the corridor with about 10 lockers in each- when enrolling you can choose who you want in your locker room so you can be with friends, (lockers colours are chosen from a pallette), mirrors at 10 meter intervals, Diamond chandeleirs.

Students Need: Once enrolled, students are to be equipped with MacBook Airs, personal PDA's- which inform them of any updates or room changes around the school.


School begins at: 10.00am

Breakfast Period: 10.10am

Period 1 begins at: 10.45am

Period 2 begins at: 11.45am

Lunchtime: 12.45pm

Period 3 begins at: 1.45pm

Period 4 begins at: 2.45pm

Chill Out Break: 2.50pm

Period 5 begins at: 3.10pm

Period 6 begins: 4.10pm

Bathroom Break: 5.10pm

Period 7 begins: 5.20pm

Dismissal: 6.00pm


Principles: Miranda and Evie

Vice Principles: Kara

Founders of the School: Evie and Miranda

Cleaners: Jessica, Amelia

Secutriy Guard: Carlie, Clare

Head of Physical Education: Miranda

Head of Arts Department: Evie & Kara

Head of Maths and English Department: Kara

Head of Fashion Department: Mikaela 

Head of Dancing Department: Kara and Mikaela

Head of Cleaning Department: Mikaela


White and silver limosuines are availibale for girls to arrive at school in


Spelling City

Today in English we used a program called Spelling City. (See Ms McLay's post)

It was okay - it did help me a little bit - it could have been more exciting.

Haven't been up to anything else really. Last Saturday night we had a big party for my dad's birthday. It was a really fun night with lots of dancing, eating, drinking and laughing Smile

Indi, Nikki, Miranda, Mikaela, Evie and myslef are filming a movie for The Middle Ages. Our topic is Brutal Justice and the move should be filmed and edited with credits, bloopers and photos by next week!!!

Catch ya girlies later



Camp with 8G


On Monday 3rd March all year eight classes departed Belgrave train station at 8:45 am. We got off at Melbourne Central at app. 10:30. We walked from the station to our Bakpackers Hotel which was in Franklin Street. We settled in found out our cabins and got our own key card to access our rooms. I had a great cabin with Evie, Miranda, Mikaela, Nikki, Indi, Emily, Eleisha, Millie, Lauren, Michelle, Jess, Chanel, Julia, Renee, Rachael, Phillipa and myself.

 Our first activity was Mrs Godfrey and Ms Parkin and we went to have lunch at the Fitzroy Gardens. The Gardens were very nice and relaxing we got some great pictures as well.

 We then walked to the Immigration Museum which is on the same road as Fed Square. That was boring as our class is studying French not Chinese and it was very irrevalent to go and look there. From there we walked to Melbourne Museum which is at the Carlton Gardens. I have to say I enjoyed the Melbourne Museum but there were too many questions to answer- we did not get enought time to look around. We walked back to the Bakpackers Hotel which was a very long walk in the heat. We stopped at 7/11 to get slurpees, but me, Miranda, Evie, Indi and Mikaela went to Gloria Jeans to get an Iced Choclate instead! Smile

 That night we went to Dinner in Lygon Street but the food was pretty average- in other words not that appatising.


Next day we went to breakfast at a cafe across the road from where we were staying. We were all excited as we were going to the Vic Markets for the first half of the morning. I bought a new watch, track pants and some lollies. After that we attended a mass at St Francis Church.

 We then had lunch at Collins Shopping Centre. After lunch we explored the shops before starting to Discover Melbourne by Tram Part 1. The trams were very packed and it was hard to hold ontothe handle, look around and answer questions. We got off just after Channel 7/Telstra Dome shop. We walked back to the station and caught the train back home- and boy I was relieved  to get home.


On Wednesday we caught the train back into the city and spent most of the day in Collins Street. We had lunch at Australia on Collins and looked at the Royal and Block arcades. We got lots of chocolate samples me and Miranda felt sick. We did discovering Melbourne by Tram Part 2 and stopped at the Docklands park. Our train to get back home was cancelled so the train we did catch later was absolutely packed. It was extremely smelly and me and Miranda got stuck with these two older men who absolutely stunk of cigarettes.

 Overall I had a great camp- apart from the hotel and food. Wink Tongue out


On Thursday we came to school and did a presentation it turned out really good - Miranda was our lovely tour guide and she stuffed up lots of times which made us all laugh!! Laughing




In the Future...

Today in english we had to write about what we want to in the future

 well firstly i would like to do well in year 12 and hopefully get past 90%. then in the year 2013 evie, indi, miranda, miki nikki and me we will all travel around europe and visit the following countries...

  • France


  • Africa


  • Ireland


  • Scotland


  • Italy


  • Norway


  • Switzerland


  • Spain


  • New York


we will leave at the end of jan/start of feb and go to each country for about a month. we will visit new york first and have a white christmas (2012) and spend new years there as well. hopefully at least once during the year i will go back home for a few weeks with my family.

then in 2014 i will hopefully start a uni and begin my teaching course to be a primary school teacher. hopefully that will last for about 4 years and by 2018 i will be ready to kick start my career as a teacher.


catch ya peoples later xxx

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