This is wat we did:

On Monday 3rd all the year eights met down at the belgrave train station and caught a tram into the city. We got off the train at melbourne centeral and then we walked, and walked, and walked to our hotel. It was a bakpakers hotel called the Melbourne Discovery Hotel. I think evryone thought that the hotel was not that great but i think we were all glad to stay there only one night.

After we had settled into our rooms we left for our first activities. 8G went to the fitzroy gardens. They were ok, but it was great when lauren, grace and i went into Captain Cooks Cottage. I liked the garden out the bakc the best. Then we went to some more places and then we went out for dinner to an italian resteraunt on lygon street. It was alright the place we went to but it didn't serve much food. When we got bakc to our hotel we were going to watch a movie but instead we got 1 hours free time. Then lightts out and no talking.

 My room kept getting in trouble from mrs.godfrey because we had a vent that connectwed our room to the hallway where all the teachers were. She was going to move us but ended up sitting in front of our room instead. The nest day we caught trams and went place but i can't really rememember. That night we caught the train home and then came back the next day and did the rest of the activities.

During walking around the city, every time we went past a seven eleven we al got a slurpee!!!! I ♥ slurpee's!!!!

The places we visited during our camp were: melbourne museum, immigration museum, fitzroy and cralton gardens, vic market, collins street, collins place, docklands, docklands park and the city circle tram.

Over all the camp was OK but i thought there were toooooooooooooo many questions!!!Surprised


Good Night Mr.Tom

♥I've read about 5 chapters of Good Night Mr.Tom and i think it is a bit boring. I fell asleep last night reading it at 9.30pm. I think is a bit boring because noting much has happend yet, it might get more interesting later on tin the book. I think it would be better if it started with something interesting and fun and then got more and more interesting. I have learnt a bit about World War Two. Like that they had to carry gas masks and stuff. Overall i would prefer not to read it.♥
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