liss is leaving

to is the day the, day when we leave our friend Elissa. i can't believe shes actualy going, leaving us foreverFrown. bilanook,she dumping us for Bilanook. oh well we love her. thats why we disided to through her a serprise lisha took her to the library to have a look at library for the final time. nah she took her in there to show her a slide show kind of thing of lots of awsome photos with music and everything. lissa started to cry. i dont really cry for that kind of thing, i tried to once at graduation but nothing came out. i say i was just a bit dehidrated but really it was just to hard. is something wrong with me?
the water works started again when she came down to where we sitand saw party food, presents and all of us of corse. as i do i started singing happy birthday, bad idea. after she stoped crying we all dug into the food and found a folk to cut the cake up with.when the food was finished it was time to give her her presents they were all cool as. i hpe she has a gr8 time at her new school. we'll all miss her. Cry

friday the 13th

well its friday the 13th and guess wat nothings happened to me yetWinkbut i better not talk to soon coz its still only 3 o'clockSealed.
at the moment everything is going quite well.
i dont really know why friday the 13th is the chosen date for people to get hurt, i mean one of my friends dad fell off a ladder and split his head open but i mean come on that was just a one off. i'd like to hear of anyone else who walked under a ladder and it fell on them or someone who walked past a black cat and it ferosiously attacked them or has been hit by a car.
luv u all Carlie  Coolstay kool c u soon

the long weekend

the long weekend is coming up soon. yay thats like only 4 days of school that week. im probly going away 4x4driving with the JABBA crew thats like a group of all our friends and we go and have adventures and get muddy together. i reckon its betta than staying at home doing nothing all weekend. cant wait!!! 


afew weeks ago my family and i went absailing(you know when you like jump off the side of a cliff.18mtrs high.) man it was awsome!!! we had this realy nice instructer that gave us tips of how to work the was off the side of a massive rock.he told us that there was a cliff that was 80 meters high. it was 20 meter absail and then you free fall the rest of the 60 meters uncle came with us and he was very skilled at it because he does it all the time with his mates.we all loved was up at Halls Gap. we walked all the way up a massive mountain. we were standing over the edge looking down at the tiny town below us. we could not believe how far we'd come but the hole way there it was bucketing down so after 3 hours when we eventualygot back to the car. we were drenched!!Surprisedmy little cousins came with us too.little Like he's 1 year old and his sister Jazzy (jasmine)who is about 5 months old they both are so cuteInnocent.the holiday was time we are going to absail off a much higher cliff. something like the 40 meter one oh that would be great fun!!!Coolcool. luv ya
About me
hey my names Carlie! its my birthday soon im so excited and im waiting for Grace to finnish her map so she can be excited for me too.
im going to tassie next friday i can't wait.
we're going to the chocolate factory over there.
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