My ideal school would be have to be recess all day, casual dress and access to out of school. But that's what everyone else wants. So to be different MY ideal school would have these subjects:

IMPORTANT SUBJETS                                                     BORING AND NEED IMPORVING AT THE MOMENT

Fenceing                Archery                                                 Maths                History

Dance                    Music                                                    Science              Language

Art                        Textiles

Photography          Food Tech

Sport                    Driving Lessons

Magic and its history

English (only if i'm writing my book.)    And Free Time!

The Building

their will be lounges for every year level (populars not inluded) and each will have a kitchen, chairs and tables for every freindship group. everyone will have access to the elevators, and the whole school will be strutured like a hotel. if we were to board here, all rooms will be ensuites with lollies shoved in every draw. a plazma will be supplied to every dorm. you get to choose who you 'bunk' with (everyone gets a King size bed). A movie would run every day, a gold class cinema and theatre. Class rooms will be supplied with everything people need, so you don't have to carry books. 


Everyone will have a electric scooter or buggy to travel to different classes. those who catch a bus arive in caoch or the people who have parants drop them off will instead have a limo sent to their house.


A cafe and restaurant will be open at all times during the day. you may go off school grounds, just around the corner is a captial shopping center. a park is on the right and straight forward is a private carnival.

Time Table

school starts at 10 o'clock and finishes at 2:30. lunch times go for both an hour.


Assemblies are not drags. 1400 students tops. 12 students per class. the rest you can make up yourself.....

by the way this school is only for people who actually can work, if not they get BOOTED!!!!! 


Spelling City... boring!

This spelling website may help grade 2 & 3 but definitly will NOT help year 8's. Maybe a year eight with a spelling difficulty,but its sooooo not for me!

My Special Place

now heres a place i'll not forget,

i went there when i was young,

for eight long years i've wanted to go back,

and i'll tell you why its the one,

its cool all around me,

the sand tickles my feet,

the hot summers are amazing,

and the winters are still sweet,

nothing beats a pinapple on a stick,

carved by ones hands,

but i'll tell you one thing i had too many of,

was that watermelon juice, i was mad,

we went to an old relatives house,

in her garden grew a lychees tree,

they were sooooo delicous,

i could have them all for me,

but there is a downfall,

in my special place,

i know it seems remarkable,

but i wont leave it without a trace,

the hooting of the horns,

all swell up in your head,

you should see the market,

getting lost you must dread,

the traffic is on going,

it will take an age before we meet,

whoah were speeding up now,

Aggghhhhh, i fell out my seat.

CAN YOU GUESS WHERE IT IS? Probably not, not many people go there, well i wouldn't be to sure.


try looking it up if you don't know where it is.

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