hey once more

St Joes day came and went all in a few hours

some parts were good fun like the dance thing (mainly boys showing off ha ha) but i found the worst would of been the sport jumping up and down with a ball in your legs is not that fun.

My bus/group went to a fun (ha ha) bowling game. It was not the best without all of my friends.

it was a fun yet wierd day for me.

thank you and good bye



my school

My school will have a good education system (not MYP) that most students and perants agree on.

My school would be co-ed but when in classes the girls will be in one class and the boys in anther, only at play and lunch they can mix.


The classes will be very small so students can have a lot of help with the teachers.

Teachers will be well paid but would have to be the best of the best, all teachers must have control over the class, must be nice but strong, the teachers need to be smart.


My school would have 3 different ovals, 1 netball court and 1 basketball court.

Also there will be 4 food courts around the school with lots of clean chairs.

The bathrooms will be big and will have bright lights; the toilets will be clean and always smell nice and not disgusting.


Every classroom will contain computers and bright lights, also most class rooms used the most will have electrical whiteboards.


Students will have nice looking clothing and girls will have the option of a dress, skirt, pants or shorts they can wear any day they won’t, boys will have shorts or pants. Girls will be able to wear ribbons and small headbands; they will not be able to have big bright headbands though. With the ribbons and headbands they will not be able to have fluro in them, they can be white, black, and light blue.    


Girls and boys with there uniform would be easy but depending with how they are wearing there clothes they will be either asked to change what they are wearing for the first warning then the second warning is it will be taken from them.


My school will go in many different sport comps and will have well good-quality clothing for them.

this will be the best school ever and i would love it!!Money mouth

bye Innocent




Playing spelling city was a good game, but it would probley be better for kids in primary school.                                                                                i did not like it because if u dont know how to spell it .. it should help with the spelling not asking for a knew word.

it had good games and good advice.


CoolCamp one of the things many school kids look forward to in there little school years.Innocent

For the camp we went to Melbourne city for our city experience as they say.

We stayed in a backpackers Discovery hotel, where I think everyone disliked it.

The room I stayed in with 8 girls was the smallest room there, every one had great big rooms and we were stuck in a tiny little room to share I would have been happier with one of the big rooms.  

Seeing the city was a great thing to see, things like how they kept some of the olden buildings their instead of building great big new ones.

For lunch we needed at least $10.00 for it but instead of taking us to the cheaper places to buy our food they took us to a place that if you wanted a decent amount of food it would cost more then $10.00 which I found ridiculous.  

Seeing the Melbourne museum was great fun but not seeing the naked statues in there lolEmbarassed.

 But seeing the Immigration museum was pointless we speak French not Chinese!

So doing the book was hard! On that line I found that we couldn't see all the great places in Melbourne because we had a million questions to do that it was hard to put down.

The teacher told us we had to have at least 80% done of the book but most people I know could only get down a least 45% done and we all tried our hardest.

I found the book pointless!Yell


I was very disappointed in our camp sure there was good things about it... seeing the city going for the walks through Collins street and other places, being able to do it with my best friends.

But then the list of bad things the hotel all its smells, accommodation, the rooms and bathrooms eg the shower! The book we wrote in and its long list of questions!


SealedWell bye for now not forever! lov always clareEmbarassed




Hey any one looking at this???UndecidedHow are we??nothing much has been happening for me, but I’m almost about to find out what rep team i will be in!!but i think i already know what team im in the 15, 3s that is the last team there’s 3 teams 1, 2 'n' 3 but its ok because im bottom age in the 15s! loli hope my team goes well lol Cooli cant wait till the swimming carnival i think it will be great fun!Sealed+++ no one can forget in 15 days i will be having my birthday 14!!  yay cant waitInnocent

well bye for now not forever ]



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