End of Term 2

I would like you to stop and reflect on what you have done and learnt so far this year (not just in English). Have you enjoyed the opportunity to blog? Why/why not? What is good about it? What is hard? Have you developed any techniques to help you write posts?Which entry is the one you think is the best? Why? What do you think we could use the blogs for next term? Have you some ideas for topics you would like to write about? 

One topic I thought my be interesting was if one blogger raised a topic they are concerned about and then everyone came in and responded- kind of an online debate. Would anyone like to give that a go? What is something you would like people to think more about, do something about, be aware of? So give it some thought and we will get going on that next term.

I would like to ask all of you to review your favourite book for the class. Try and add a picture of the cover design and don't use a star rating- your comments should explain it properly. Have a great holiday and try to do some posts. Have a great holiday and a good rest.

Dell Optiplex GX270
on  November 12, 2011  at  6:57 PM


As you put your computer  through its paces installing and uninstalling software your System folder gathers a ton of DELL files. Over time, you'll accumulate DELL files you no longer need hogging disk space and causing your system to run sluggishly. Clean System Directory scans your system looking for all references to DELL files in your System directory. When it finds DELL files that have no programs calling them,