About our camp night!

At camp we stayed at the discovery hotel in melbourne! Before we went we checked it out on the web, and it didnt look to bad at all but then we got there and it was so BAD!!! It was HOT, STUFFY, SMELLY and SMALL!!! Everyone was complaining we found it so bad! By the time i got over how bad it really was we had to go to bed and because it was so hot and stuffy no one could sleep! So instead of sleeping our cabin talked alot, we tried to be quiet but that didnt work the teachers came running in and complaining. So then we were like ok we will be quiet but that didnt last long at all we had gotten really loud again. So guess wat happend the teacher cam running in!!!!! They threated to move us in different cabins but i dont think any one cared!! We were once again trying to be quiet but it didnt help when the teachers were standing right outside our cabin they can hear us very well. They were on to us so we had to go to sleep well try! It was so hard to because it was so hot we only had one fan and no aircon!!!!! I think we almost died! WELL I DID!!  As u can see it wasn't very ennoyable!!!Yell



WhAt I wAnT tO dO iN tHe FuTuRe!

hey well in the future i would like to be a vet nurse or do somthing to save animals but not a vet cause i couldnt to surgeryies !!! so yeah that me and thats all cya!!! x o x o x o x o x o x!!Laughing


Good night mr tom!

 I surgest to people out there when the teacher says read chapter 1-6 acctully read them cause when you do something on it in class you look stupid not knowing the answers!!!!Money mouth



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