behold.......the boringness of SPELLING CITY

ewwww. SPELLING CITY. I honestly don't think it's the best way to teach year 8's how to spell. Unless year 8's suddenly have had a revelation and LURVE playing 'hangmouse' (pretty much the same as hangman) then it's useless to high-school-ers.  Don't get me wrong, it's great for juniors in primary school.



I don't know what the future beholds...maybe more cures for diseases, a melted world, or thinner and smaller ipods? Quite frankly i don't mind, whatever happens, happens. You can either choose to adapt to the changes, or live in the past.


happy HIGH herbs

I was pumped and ready for the autumn holidays. I would have a great time rolling around in red, orange and golden leaf litter, catching up with friends, happy snaps, building MASSIVE skateboard ramps (they seem bigger when you ride it), and curling up under my doona getting used to the chilly nights. But these holdiays i would be going to Salt Beach on the border of NSW and QLD. I know i seem stingey and ungrateful, but i would much rather go to a colder place than the sub-tropics. I've being to millions of hot-weathered places and on top of that the Victorian summer was BOILING! Suprisingly it wasn't too bad and i managed to persuade my parents NOT to take me to the theme parks. I will one day go to them with friends not parents.

Ohh and how could i possibly forget, we decided to side-track on our way home form Mt. Warning (yes, we climbed it) to a friendly, hippy town, Nimbin. Dogs were running around, friendly folk, awesome street art, townspeople jamming on the streets and happy high herbs (catch my drift).Wink


a BIG city adventure

Seven Restless Year Eight Classes,

Fifteen Stressed Teachers,

And a BIG city overcrowding with traffic and everyday business city-goers....

It sounds like a crazy idea, but that's exactly what the year eights did for their camp. The camp was a chance for everyone to explore the city and visit the iconic landmarks that give Melbourne its stylish and ‘hip' atmosphere. The downside was that this exciting outing also came with a booklet to complete. I am positive that every year-eight-ian share the same feelings I have for the worksheets within the innocent-looking covers. We accepted the brutal and harsh fact that we could either fail or pass on camp and got down to business. Over the three day trip we visited the Queen Victoria Market; bustling with shopkeepers persuading you to buy something, the Melbourne Museum; which had a grand total of 12 worksheets to complete, the Immigration Museum; also a large amount of worksheets to complete, Collins Street; screaming out FASHION BOUTIQUES, the Block and Royal Arcades; with a cute quaint teashop which only a abnormal year eight would enter (does that make me abnormal?), Fitzroy and Flagstaff Gardens; which was the perfect place for a bunch of schoolgirls to interrupt a business person's lunchbreak, St. Francis' Church; where we attended mass, Docklands; which had an AWESOME PLAYGROUND and last but definitely not least Seven Eleven; home of the gourmet and highly sophisticated slurpee. Tongue out


Goodnight Mr Tom

My english class has recently being assigned to read 'Goodnight Mr Tom' by Michelle Magorian. I have already read the book once on holidays but i have read up to chapter 5 in the time span of about a month, and i'm not bored of it! it's a book that i won't get sick of easily.

The book is based on how a poor, shy evacuee who has being treated harshly eases himself into a completely new environment and flourishes in the care of gruff old Mr Tom (Oakely).  It is set in a country town in England when World War II is announced.

I think it's a good book because it does not provide too much detail and information and leaves the reader to guess and picture the characters from both the author's and the reader's point of view. Laughing


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