this term has been exiting and depresing (today cause of lissa) there were fights and muck abouts

but over alll i loved this term!!




elissa i love you

i'm glad i  made you cry by watching for my powerpoint thats what i was aimin for wow!!!!

ilove you hunny your the best girl in the world were goin to miss you

love lesha


if i could change the school

if i could change the school i would make a lounge for every year with disco light, disco balls and lots of musci computers with no blockers and i would have a waiter.

if i could change the schoo i would make every girl in the school equal for egsample no people who think there all that!!when their not and everytone is equal and they all are nice and good to eachother.

if i could change the school i would make the bathrooms look fabouls and they have lights around ther mirror and then the mirror talks to people telling them how they look!!

if i could change the school i would make all the teachers rule and i would also make the school the best and everytime the clock strikes 1 there is a party cross disco and everyone will have the best time!!

and every week there would be a day where we met with st joes!! and there would be nio teachers so we could get up to mischief and people wouldnt be frighten to do anything becuase there wouldnt be any teachers hanging round watching the kids everymove!!

i would make sure that we didnt get lots of home work would would get homework once every 2 week and i would get rid of the old stupid un fun teachers cause i would make the school THE FUNNEST PLACE ON THE EARTH!!!






hey peeps it's my birthday ont he 24th of may only like a week and 1 day wooot yay!!!

i cant wait!

last year nobody gave me one of those locker things or anything and i was sad :'( cause i was really looking forward to one of those so please give me one!!

i really cant wait til my 16th i'm having a sweet 16 there ganna boys and were ganna play suck and blow lol!!which is where u have a boy next to you and you have a card in between you and the guy like ur kissing and you have to pass the card to the guy




spelling city

i found this site not very helpful it wasn't at all helpful for example when you typed in a word egsample titanum and then you pressed test me it came with this collum to chagne the words it was very annoying and then i had to choose a new word and it was very painful.

also i went to do my list of words in a word search and it took about 10 mins to load it was very boring and time waisting i do not recomend this site

the games were very INTERESTING i spose you could say i mean maybe some people enjoy those games but why dont we go on some place were they have sastisfying games that maybe 13-14 year  old would like it's not like were in kindergarden GODNESS!!

this site is very dull and stupid i dont think 8G should ever go on here again AND YOU CANT MAKE US!

i recomend this for kindergardens -grade 4


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