Mirangeline - by Miranda, Evie, Mikaela




Textiles ,Cooking, Photography, Drama, Sport, Kung Fu, Sign Language, Art, English,Maths, Humanities, Jewellery Making, free periods, Beauty Classes, Driving lessons (Years 7-12) Shopping classes, Movie Making, electric white board lessons, Animal caring lessons, Friendship classes, Photoshop workshops, experimental fun science classes, Home and Away history classes.


Clothing:  Uniform pics avaliable soon

Restrooms: Bathroom attendant to offer mints and refreshments when needed. Make-up and hair supplies. Hair straightner, curler etc. Automatic flush toilets. Emergency wardrobe of clothing for anyone in need of a change of clothes. Emergancy nail repair kit!!! An emergency hairstylist incase of a hair fiasco!

Classrooms: Modern and contemporary. large space, electronic white boards, every room equipped with apple mac's, 1 small bathroom, wooden floor boards, energy saving light globes, 1 wall covered in mirrors, walls to be in various rainbow stripes, monitors to keep room at right temperature, blinds that adjust to give the right lighting for various needs, couches, recliners, chandeliers, fragrance supply, plasma LCD T.V on the wall.

Lounge: Chill out zone for every year level, couches, Plasma LCD T.V, Buffet (breakfast,lunch,snacks) waiters, Resteraunt where students can dine at lunch, lolly shop, shoe shop, clothing shop, makeup and hair shop, Gloria Jeans.

Sports Hall: The size of MCG, quarter wooden floor, quarter grass, quarter water, quarter mats, one wall filled with mirrors, Award wall, 30,000 seats padded with rainbow striped cushions in the grand stand, unbreakable 20 chandeliers in the roof with energy saving lightglobes.

Hallways: wooden floors with pale blue carpet streaming down the middle, small locker rooms of the corridor with about 10 lockers in each- when enrolling you can choose who you want in your locker room so you can be with friends. (lockers colours are chosen from a pallette selected by Miranda and Evie), mirrors at 10 meter intervals, Diamond chandeleirs.

Students Needs: Once enrolled, students are to be equipped with MacBook Airs, personal PDA's- which inform them of any updates or room changes around the school. Students are also supplied with the following


School begins at: 10.00am

Breakfast Period: 10.10am

Period 1 begins at: 10.45am

Period 2 begins at: 11.45am

Lunchtime: 12.45pm

Period 3 begins at: 1.45pm

Period 4 begins at: 2.45pm

Chill Out Break: 2.50pm

Period 5 begins at: 3.10pm

Period 6 begins: 4.10pm

Bathroom Break: 5.10pm

Period 7 begins: 5.20pm

Dismissal: 6.00pm


Principles: Miranda and Evie

Vice Principles: Kara

Founders of the School: Evie and Miranda

Cleaners: Jessica

Secutriy Guard: Carlie

Head of Physical Education: Miranda

Head of Arts Department: Evie & Kara

Head of Maths and English Department: Kara

Head of Fashion Department: Mikaela 

Head of Daning Department: Mikaela and Kara

Head of Cleaning Department: KARA  IS THE CLEANER


White and silver limosines are availibale for girls to arrive at school in and to leave school.


Spelling City

Today we explored Spelling City. You can type in words that you are not sure how to spell and then you can learn them, play games with them and then be tested on them. I didn't really like it but if it sounds interesting to you this is the link: Spelling City. It was good in the way that it tought you how to spell the words you were having trouble with but thwen you click play game it uses different words??? Then in test you click 'Hear' and it is meant to sound out the word so you can type them correctly, but it didn't work. I dont think i would use it again. I dont really recommend it to anyone unless they want to waste their time trying to work out how to use it? I dont really think it is fun, it could be improved!!! (Spelling City if you are reading this then maybe take some of my criticisimes into consideration! Then maybe i would recommend it to other students to use)



Hamilton Island

Over the Easter holidays my mum, dad and my brother went to Hamilton island on the Queensland coast.

It was so sunny and nice there!! I loved driving a golf buggie around (they dont use cars there, they use golf buggies!).

We went on a yacht to Whitehaven beach with 13 other people including 2 crew members. First we went to Chalkies beach which has more Coral and fish than whitehaven. We anchored the yacht about 20 metres out to the shore. We had to wear these awful stinger suits becuase of the irukanji jellyfish. The suits cover all of your body except your face. We then jumped of the yacht into the water and snorkelled around looking at the fish and the coral. I got really scared becuase one of the crew members threw some meat into the water next to me and my mum. All the fish swarmed over us, it was so scary!! Then we got back onto the yacht and had a buffet lunch!! After that we sailed over to Whitehaven beach. We went swimming and walking and played beach cricket. After about 2 hours on the beach we sailed the 2 hour journey back to the Marina at hamilton island.

We also went on a big catamaran to the Great Barrier reef. It took 2 hours to get there. There was a huge floating pontoon there where we 'parked' the boat. Then we snorkelled for an hour over the reef and saw all the beautiful coral and fish. Then we went back to the pontoon and had a fully catered buffet lunch!!! YUM!!

Then we went to the 'underwater viewing chamber'. That was really good. Then we went on the semi-sub (semi-submersible. Its like a subramine but it doesn't go all the way under the water. It has glass walls that you look out at.). 

 Hamilton Island was the best fun ever. Can't wait to go back. !!!!





Camp 2008 photos




Year 8 Discovery Camp

My Camp Journal:


I arrived at the train station at 8:30, got my name marked on the roll and found my friends. At approx. 9:00am we caught the train to Melbourne Central station. We walked to our 'hotel' (Melbourne Discovery)and went to the 'lounge room' where the manager was there to tell us the rules of the place. then we found out our cabins and went and settled in. In my room was:

Miranda, Evie, Nikki, Indya, Kara, Michelle, Rachel, Carlie, Aleisha, Jess, Chanel, Julia, Renee, Phillipa, Lauren, Millie and Me.

Then we went on the City Circle tram to the Fitzroy Gardens. We had to answer questions in our booklets. Then we had lunch there and walked to the Immigration museum. That was pretty boring becuase it was all about Chinese masks. Then we walked to the Melbourne Museum which was much better.

Then we walked back to the hotel to get ready to go out for dinner. We went to the Universal pizza cafe on Lygon street. The food was ok but it didn't really fill me up because there wasn't enough of it.

Then we walked back and went to sleep. ZZZZZZZ...........



We woke up and got ready, then we walked to a cafe around the corner for breakfast. After breakfast our first activity was the Quuen Victoria Markets. That was really fun, there were alot of great shops there.

 After the market we went to St Francis church for a mass. That was good but i didn't really know what to say or do.

After St Francis we went to Collins St and to the Australia on Collins shopping centre for lunch.

After lunch we did the activity called "Discovering Melbourne by Tram". We had to get on the tram and look around and see what there was and answer questions.

Then we got on a train and went home.


We went to the Block and Royal arcades and shopped 'til we dropped! Then we went to Collins Place for lunch. That was really nice. The last activity we went to was the Docklands Park. That was one of the funnest things on the whole camp!

Then we caught the tram to Southern Cross station to find that our train was cancelled and we had to wait for the next one which was 1 hour later UHHH! When we finally caught the train is was so packed the we had to stand the whole way and we were standing so close to each other that we could hear each others heart beat.


We had to go to school and did a presentation with the photos from camp.

I really enjoyed camp but after Thursday I was glad that it was over!!!!

xoxo Mikaela


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