Beijing Olympics

I can't wait. Only 2 days untill the Olypics start. I so wish i was one of the athletes at the Olympics it would such a great experence. Although i dont think I would like to compete in all the polution over in Beijing. My favourite events to watch are the athletics and swimming, i find things like archery and table tennis REALLY boring to watch though. I dont think tennis should be in the Olypics games becuase they get to compete in the Grand slams and all the Opens.I like the look of the athletes uniform the look really nice.I cant wait untill they START. It should be GREAT!!!!!LaughingLaughing  


Year 8 Discovery Camp

Here s my journey of co-curricular week......

MONDAY: We all arrived at Belgrave station excited and ready to go to the city. The train ride was long a packed with people. Eventually we arrived at Melbourne central.  From there we walked to the Melbourne discovery hotel and got sorted into our rooms. In my room was,

Mikaela, Evie, Nikki, Indy, Kara, Carlie, Jess, Michelle, Aleisha, Julia, Renee, Rachel, Chanel, Pip, Lauren,  Millie and me.  Then we went on a walk and tram ride to the Fitzroy Gardens. There we had some lunch, did activities and had heaps of fun looking around. After that on the way to the Immigration center Indy, Mike, Kara and I went to Gloria Jeans. I bought a YUMMY iced chocolate. At the Immigration Museum we did some activities, I didn't really enjoy this. After doing that we went on a LONG walk in the heat to the museum (but I think it was worth it). Here we did activities. My favorite thing was when Evie and I went into this dark room, put on really big glasses and looked and these moving screens with lines. The glasses made it look 3D. It was really cool. Then we went back to the Backpackers Hotel and got into our free dress to go out to dinner. We went to dinner in Lygon St. It was okay! When we arrived back to the Hotel we all went to our rooms and head a short night sleep.

Tuesday: We got up really early to go and have breakfast. Then we went to the market. This was my favorite place of all. I bought these really nice big Lillie POPS, from sugar. After spending 2 hours there we St Francis church for a mass. This was a really pretty church. I lit a candle in small room because these French women went and told me to. Then after this we went to Collins St to have lunch and have a look around. We also went in this really fun glass lift the Indy and I loved.  Eventually we went to the train station and had a rest on the train home.

Wednesday: we got the train in to the city. We went straight to the arcades and did heaps of shopping. I didn't buy much though because it was a bit expensive. Kara and I tried so MANY chocolate samples. We got lost once in the arcade though. We just kept going up stairs that were leading to nowhere so we ended up running down because we got a bit worried.  We then went to the Docklands Park this was really fun. After that we headed slowly towards the Southern Cross station. Mikaela, Kara and I had to stand the whole way on the train until we reached Tecoma Station. We were so tired and hot.


World War 2

I didn't really enjoy looking at this website, becuase i had imagined a total different lifstyle for Mr Tom. The Author of Good Night Mr Tom had put different images in my head. 

I had imagined the house alot more smaller, a bit run down, not so decorative and really dark. The pictures that the website showed me made the house look alot more friendly and color full, more than i had pictured.

I found it really intersting how they taped their windows so when bombs were dropped so their windows didnt go shattering in 1 million different pieces.

I read one of the evacues letters and they expressed in one of their letters that they were really pleased to eat a real orange.

I found it really helpfull to look at a Anderson. I had no idea what they really looked like. they didnt look very protective. it was very samrt though to grow vegitables on them though.

Mr Tom had a radio that Willie and himself listend to for updates on the war. Very few people had a radio in those times so they were very lucky to have one. 




In the future I want to be a photographer. I would like to be photographer for sports. Maybe even for a magizine. I really am not quite sure yet. I have got heaps of years to decide. I would like to also still be doing athletics but at a higher standard

I have always wanted to live on a small farm. So I might also do that.


My friends want me to travel around Europe with them for a whole year!  The countries they want to go to are...

  • France


  • Ireland


  • Scotland


  • Italy
  • Norway
  • Spain
  • New York
  • Switzerland
  • Africa





Tongue outToday was the best day everLaughing. Todays was Mikaelas Birthday!!! she is finally a teenager. We all decided about a week ago that we would have a suprise party for her. Today all of us brought heps of food and stuffed it all into my locker. my locker was packed with food. if any one looked into my locker they would of thought that i was such a pig.........any way. We  worked so hard today not to let Mikaela know that we were going to have a suprise party.  

At the end of period three indy, eveie, nikki, kate and amelia all went up and set the party and i have to keep mikaela away while they did that for 15min without letting her know. my excuse was that i had lost my keys and i asked her if she could come adn help me find them. i cant believe that she believed me. I am the worst lyer ever. anyway me and Mikaela went looking for my keys that werent really lost. 

Eventually i brought Mikaela to the pary spot. she was suprised. it was great we had heaps of food and lollies. We are sll so full now. Undecided


Any way that is how my day went!

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