My ideal school

I am pretty happy with the school at I'm at. It would be good to have free dress, but that would bring up the problem of bullying. My ideal school wouldn't have any bullying and everyone would be treated as equals. We would have free periods, even at year eight level. We would use this time to finish work or if we didn't have any we could socialise with our friends. We would get to do our favourite subjects and have loads of different pathways we could choose. My indulgence would be to have a full on cafe insteat of a canteen. And thinking of the environment, the whole building would be totally environment friendly. There would be water tanks and solar pannels on the roofs. All the paper that is used in recycled paper. A vegetable garden and chicken house would be run by the students and the cafe would use the produce.  That is my ideal school, in my imaginary world.

Stipid spelling city game! (look, it obviously didn't help)

We had to play this game to improve our spelling and i didn't like it. I don't really think it works and there are a lot of better ways that you can work on your spelling without getting frustrated with the computer! There wasn't instrution to help with what you had to do. It was too childish for people our age and i think it was more aimed to help younger people.

Over the break.....

First there was Easter = chocolate and hot cross buns YuMm!

Then one day I was sitting on my bed, quite bored.....and i thought.....what can i do??

I was looking through my art diary and i found a picture of I trench coat I had drawn. i looked outside, it was rainy and windy. I thought.... i would really like to wear a coat out in that weather.

So the next thing i did was went to my mum and asked, 'can i make this coat?' Mum agreed and found old patterns she had kept from when she was younger. I found a pattern that was similar to what i had drawn. so the next thing we did was made a sample one out of old sheet and then changed the shape and length to be like what i had drawn.

The next day we went to get fabric. I thought of having it dark blue. We were there looking at fabric and i though, Why did i want it blue? Then i discovered that it was just because i had seen a blue onein the shops. I found this really nice 'gabadean' which was a grey-perple colour. I also wanted to have a lining- mum brought out a dark grape kind of colour which was soft to go on my skin and went really well with the grey. 

To complete the coat it took about a week. We did some mistakes, but Mum and I learn from them all. I could have just gone a bought one, but making one myself atcheived a lot more. I learnt heaps of sowing skills and how to use patterns, Mum and I had fun together, it stopped me sitting in front of the computer and I saved heaps of money by making it myself.   



Hi there.

My name is Nikki and i'm in year eight, I live in Melboure. I love dancing and playing Soccer. I like drawing and arty stuff...... 

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I hope you enjoy looking around my blog, catch ya roundSmile

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