If i could do something cool with technology i would create a virtual shooting game wich would be realistic. like the ones in arcades but on the computer. there probly would already be one but mine would be better


this semester

well im not good at explaining so..........  it has been as great as school gets


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by rachel

i was being inventive with the key board it was alot of fun just sitting there playing a beat on a keyboard      i recommend it to every individual  Laughing


ideal school

  my ideal school would ...................   i dont no but we would learn bout stuff that would help ur in the future and dont have to do stupid projects and stuff       only relivent stuff.   Undecided

i think that primry school should have all the basics and the stuff u hate u dont have to learn bout that in high school   coz i would so stop humanities and english coz they are so boring and i think we should chose the topics we learn in science so then there is a higher chance that a larger percentage will pay attention. well i think that school has been structured to learn and people like different things so school can never be a perfect place to be some people may want to do maths and science when other people want to do english and humanities it will never benifit everyone but there should be more of a choice on the books we read and the topics we cover     


Spelling City

i found the website completely useless. it is for addalesent children not us in year eight the website is not supirior enough to tend to our spelling and english needs. the games where to easy and i wasnt learning how to spell.
i recken we should do dictionary meanings and get spelling words if we want to learn to spell but i think everyone in the class would be able to spell what is neccasary for them.
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