my ideal school

my ideal school would have more classes in a day and also shorter because all the periods drag on for to long and i reckon thatschool should defineatly start later in the day. i mean seriously nobody likes getting up that early in the morning so i think we should start around 10:00am. we will feel more refreshed and ready to work and i also reckon that school drags on for to long i think we should finish around 3:00pm. i think we should have all the basic classes but also some extra fun classes and we should be able to learn sign language that would be cool.

i think that we should be able to go on more school trips and camps, we should be able to travel more because that would keep us more interested in our subjects, if we could travel. it would also be awesome if we could have a class in which we all do karate!! i reckon just about everyone would be interested in that. we should also make the class rooms more cosy by putting in some nice furniture and couches. that would be my ideal school.


year eight camp

Year eight camp. The camp that caused the whole of year eight to become disgruntled and upset, that caused the teachers to have more and more stressed piled upon them, and the busy traffic filled city to be given these grumpy children and nervous teachers. But even though I am one of these frustrated students I still have some things to say about this camp, it wasn't as bad as it may seem.

Our camp started on the Monday, we got to school and headed off to the city we checked into the hotel (which was extremely sh, lets just say it definitely wasn't the best hotel) we then went to the Fitzroy gardens. We also went to the immigration museum, then that night we went out to a restaurant which really wasn't that good either (some people thought that there wasn't enough food).

 After what hardly felt like a proper nights sleep we went for breakfast then went straight from there to the Queen Victoria Market where we were able to have a look around and buy something along with your lunch if you pleased. After that it was to the St. Francis' church were we witnessed a beautiful church with wonderful ceremony (it was hard for some though because they had never been to mass and didn't know what to do). It was straight to lunch on Collins st. after that we were glad to go home to our own beds with a decent meal.

On Wednesday it was back to the Melbourne museum I feel that the questions that we were given to work on was were WAY TO MANY!! But I was very happy because it was the last day of camp.

That was the year eight camp.


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