::my school<>my rules::

someone asked me, if i could snap my fingers and change the school, just like that. what would i do?


first of all, don't tempt me with the idea. but if i did have that kind of power (if ONLY) here are a few things i would do...


first of all i would say NO MYP. it doesn't really help me and the way i learn, i am a hands on person. i learn by doing. noot by reflecting and writing, i think quite a few of my classmates are with me on the whole NO MYP.

another thing i would change would have to be the amount of time we get for recess, 15 mintues is absolutely nothing. in 15 minutes we have time to go to our lockers, get our food and books, drop our books at class, sit down...and DING the bell goes and we have to get up and go 2 class, i had a longer recess in primary school.

 the length of the periods dont really bother me, but i think having 4 75 minute period effect the rest of the day, so that might be why we have a short recess. if we changed thetimetable of the day then maybe it would be better for all of us.


i don't know if anyone is going to read this, well not anyone who has the power to do anything.

if someone with that kind of power did stumble across my blog, they will most likely ignore it.

well thats all.

**fingers crossed**






matchbox twenty at rodlava tonight. AND GUESS WHO GOT TICKETS. sweet.sweet.SWEET AND HALF. im soo pumped. wouldn't you be? best of all we got really good seats, shame we couldn't get in the mosh as if was waaaay to expensive. and sadly im not made of money. =D but a whole night with tow of my best mates, screaming * dancing * singing. what more could you want!





:!!: HOLS:!!:

holidays. that one word can involve so much:

sleep-in's (GOTTA LOVE THEM)

going on random adventures with friends and i don't mean through the jungle! (POPCORN FIGHT)

parties (LAUREN'S BIRTHDAY) are fun. especially when horror movies are involved.

a break. from everything:: school. having your brain switched on. writing. reading. THINKING (in general) taking time off to relax. and chill out. (combine those two words together you get CHILLAX....pretty cool!) and finally a break from expectations. holidays are full on SWEET.

i did lots:: went camping, easter (yummmm chocolate), went to the movies, went swimming (LOTS, no break from that!), had renee and lauren over, had a popcorn fight, had words with randoms (well lauren did), did tricks && flips && awesome things on my monkey bars! (WE COULD START A CIRCUS), went see-saw surfing at the park, took happy-snaps of fun times...the list goes on i should stop before you get too jealous haha.


all i can say is


see you



:?:bAcK 2 sKoOl:?:

one word to decribe holidays: fab.

i miss those two weeks where you could choose when you got up, do what you wanted when you wanted. holidays is them word. i love them. but then again WHO DOESN'T?! it's always great to get a break from school, when you need it most. but i wish the term wasn't that short it was something like 7 weeks. not that i don't enjoy a short term, of course i do! but a short first term means a lonnnnnggggg second term. that's right 12 weeks. 12 LONG WEEKS. and i havn't even finished the first. oh no. it's callecd karma. haha what goes around comes around.

i wonder what's ahead of me in this long term? what's around the next bend. well the first assembly was definately a positive. i got a medal! YAY. i came second overall in the year eight SWIMMING YEAR LEVEL CHAMPIONS. swimming is my life. ask my friends, well ask ANYONE I'm sure they won't deny it! so i thought that was a good way to start the term.

also, the projects are piling on, i have a hunch the teachers all meet in secret and select ONE day to give out ALL the projects haha. I have a very odd imagination. but there you go. so the next few weeks will be full of hard work. looking forward to it....i think.

catch you later.



::oNe tEqUiLa, TwO tEqUiLa, ThReE tEqUiLa...FLOOR!!!::


i think everyone in 8G has realised i have an obsession...am i right?!

but the markets are soooo much fun you can find pretty much ANYTHING there...i love walking round in atmosphere of the big crowd with so many things to see left and right...im just dazed at all the amazing things on sale...AND THEY ARE SO CHEAP...=]

its funny watching the stall oweners trying to suck you into buying things, some yell at you or pull you by the arm while other sit quietly as if silently begging you to come and take a look....some are annoying, some persuading and others are so sweet.

my favourite section is all the clothes...the big baggy jackets with AWESOME prints (i wishj i could buy them all) or the jewellery stalls with shiny, delicate necklaces and bracelets or strings of funky beads (i don't know where you would get the time to do that?) but the things that really catch my eye and crack me up are the t-shirts with the slogans on it....ones that are so stupid or catchy, or just plain funny that you want to buy it....but then think? if my top says this...what are people going to think of me?

like me and LAUREN, managed to find a top that said...ONE TEQUILA, TWO TEQUILA, THREE TEQUILA FLOOR....yes floor not four! and we really wanted to buy it...but it would make people think we were mad drunks....you probably think im a mad drunk right now.

i really should stop...as you can see i go on AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON!!!!

but vic markets were DEFINATELY MY HIGHLIGHT OF THE CAMP....i loved them so, theres so much to see, do and buy...i can;t wait to go there again...


see you soon,


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