This term has been really long, and really hard. There were heaps of assesment tasks and blogging in  which i don't really favour in. Blogging is good for your comphrehension and grammar skills, although it is not fun. I reallly liked humanities this term. We watched a couple of movies  which were really sad, and made me shed some tears. Maths was okay as we did do many variety of tasks and learnt macromedia freehand which was the best. English, we didn't do much other than blogging and reading. The best book i read this year so far in English would have to be "Falling from Grace". Next term i'm hoping to watch a movie in English, as always done in the past and comment about it. We learnt about apostrophes and did descriptive stories.  also this term was the last term as a subject to have art and drama which was also pretty sad. any way in work, this term i've had some up's and downs. but it has been really sad as one of our best friends are leaving. She's leaving to another school, and leaving Mater Christi College.Hope everyonr has a good holiday and get ready to do more hard work in term 3.



Spelling City

Hey everyone, today's class of english was pretty boringFrown. All we did was, a blog and a game of Spelling City. Spelling City is a game full of activities to gain your knowledge in the category of spelling. i personally didn't like it very much as i thiought it was really boring Undecidedalthough it i think it would be really good for children in primary schools. i wished we  did something really fun other than Spelling  city, than what i'm doing now. spelling city is not the best way to teach year eights or year sevens. the site probably didn't suit some students in our class, as some might probably doesn;t like spelling. but i actually think i'm quite good at. We also had the choice of doing the activty inspiration on our server. the activity inspiration is an activty where you do a flow chart kind of thing. again it's not the best but we are occupied by doing something. the overall day today was great. we ahd a great maths class as we drew a raffle and luckily i won one prize, also in french we were on the computers and had some nice leisure time to do our own activities.  Friday afternoon is the best as we are heading of to the weekend and having a relaxing and fun time off. although in english the activities weren't great i did have fun as i had some chats with my friends.hope everyone had a great day aswell, and i hope you have a great weekend.Wink



My 13th Birthday!

hey guys, today is my 13th birthday adn it has seriuosly been great. i've had so much fun from the minute i woke up from bed. allmhy friends had out a birthday poster on my locker with a nice purpple balloon. it was really special. the morning was so far good, first i had science thnen english and drama adn now i'm having maths. my parents gave me clothes adn now on saturday theyare taking me to the shops adn buying me a phone. i was ally excited ad i knew i never had a phone before and it was first phone. any way the ay ws great and now i have to go home adn celebrate the rest of my birthday.

ALL ABOUT ME!!!!!!!!

Hey i'm shalni, just to let u know i ♥ lollies and chocolate,Tongue out i could eat them all day. any way today is pretty boringInnocent, i have really hard subjects like, maths and science, got to say maths, is really hard these days as, learing directed numbers is the worst thing ever, how will that ever help me in the future, well it might. now in  science we're learning about the  human heart and soon we have to dissect a bull's heart, i would never be able to do that. but i really love humanities and english cause we get to do these great blogs, to expresss our feeelings,. hope you like my blog, and guess what it's science next!  Foot in mouth
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