Spelling city

Hi its michelle, i think that spelleing city was unsuccesfull in teaching me because if you didnt know how to spell somethhing you would not be able to use this word and then you would have to put in a word you would know wich is pointless. but there is a way around this problem that i found i encounted. 1 would be get a teacher to write the words 2. you could get a dictionary i think that the website spelling city should be a ble to pick up little spelling errors and mistakes. Much like microsoft word. Spelling city was defiant because they would teach how to spell a word they would just say no that word is incorrect and without spelling this word you are unable to go forward to the next steps that was very annoying and frustrating. But this could be good for younger students in primary schools. it was effective in  some ways but not others. i made this clear above.by michelle     



THe future MMmmMmMm....... what do you think the futyure will be like i think it will be all remote control or by voice  command like XZY 26 4 please clean my room immideintly or do the dishes. Well maybe not exactly. But i always had to walk 2 km to school and i hated it. I always wished there would be a big elevator that would just take me there in just a second. BUt not just to school it can be anywhere in the world.Although the future is unknnown i fear terrorisits because every time were meant to go overseas something bad happens for example 2004 we were meant to go to Bali but there was a bomb and we had to posprone the trip till next year and go to Malaysia then when we were coming home from Bali 2005 the bombs went off. 2006 when i went to mexico and l.a a young boy fell of the prymid we were at. 2007 when we went to thailand nothing bad happened so i think our familys luck is getting a bit better. hopefully.  


MelBoUrne DIScoVerY CAmP!

before i left to camp i had a pretty good idea of what i thought the hotel we stayed in would be like.  Well was i in for a surprise or what,Surprised my idea was bunks with about 8 people in each room each room has a bathroom i did'nt think that it would smell at all well it smelt we were in cabins with 18 people and we did not only have to share the bathrooms with our school but all of the peoplle staying on our floorKiss. Im not going to winge and comlain because it did have some positves like having  18 people in a cabin is not a draw back at all you can always find some one who wants to talk and you always are with friends i was lucky cause all my friends were with me and i also got to meet lots of new peopleCool. Although the hotel smelt and had holes in the walls i am confident in saying that everyone had a blast at campTongue out




Life in thee wartime was very diffulcult they didnt have much money and had to ration there food,because toomorow there might not be there. some things vertually vanished whe war was declared such as bannanas some foods were'nt even heard of such as Pizza and chips. One dessert they did eat a lot that they did enjoy was apple pie they used up stale cakes to make the pastry they had to use everything they had. lots of the children were evacuated from there homes and sent out of the target zone and went to little vilages in the country for thier safty.  This is what happened to willie from Goodnight Mr Tom. Children were not the only people who had to leave thier famillies, all  the fit healthy youngmen were advised to go there was a lot of propaganda about this.  this is a letter from a young girl to her "daddy"

A letter to her daddy from a young girl who has been evacuated

Early April 1941

Dear Daddy,

How are you keeping? I hope you are going to work like a good boy, because I am going to school. It is about ten minutes walk to my school. Leila will find no difficulty in doing those sums you set her.

I've been so optimistic lately that I have made a bet with Anne Parker that the war will be over by the end of September. If it isn't I have to give her a bar of chocolate (if I can get it), if it is she has to give to me one. Someone told Mrs Farrow he thinks the war will be over by the end of May. I hope he is right, don't you? We cannot get any sweets or chocolate up here. Would like you to send me some in your next letter, that is, if you can get any...
BY shelly.

MY FutUtrE

In the future........ when we fly to school and live on mars I want to find myself doing something helpful for all something fun something like......... a lawyer. Or maybe a crime scene investigator I'm not sure. But one thing I'm absolutely sure about is going overseas with my friends we have already organised it all were going to go to Hawaii, Bali, L.A, Mexico, Egypt, Vietnam, Thailand, Fiji and Malaysia. Were going to take a year of before going to university and travel all over the globe. We want to go to all these places because there more tropical rather than cold and snowy. When I get back I will do my degree and get a job. But before I do al that and get ahead of myself I want to do really well in my VCE studies I want to get over 95 and get into my first choice university.

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