at the moment i dont kno who to trust

u find someone then the go and stab u in the back because they hav somone new to hang round then that someone new goes and turnes them against u






i think that the school has to much technolagy

the teachers need to learn how to have fun


my birthday party

my birthday was so cool millie and amy slept over and i swear amy has never been on such a high ever and millie they were both the best little sexy chicks ever!:D:D:D

we went out for tea and amy decided that she was going to through a tamato(as amy said it was a patato how dumb) at my dad!

so they had a food fight while me and millie laughed:D:D:D:D

then we walked to my supermarket and got three bags of lollies i hav never seen millie eat so much !:D:D:D:D:D:D 

then they made me watch a scary movie and to me a scary movie is someone who can pretty much come up to the screen and say boo and i would pee my pants :D:D (supernatural the most scaryest thing ever, sweedy tod god that was freeky)

i love these two very much they make my day shine bright


oxoxoxoi love horses(shey)xoxoxox

hello im shey~may

i have some of the best friends ever!

millie+sexy=mine lol luff choo*_*

amy u r so funny i swear if u were old enough u could b a comidian lololololz ilyxxxx   

elyssa we will always be friends wether we like it or not coz our mums are better friends then we are lolz ily xxxx

pip u r the littlest sweet heart ever!!!!

omg the best night ever was when amy and millie came over for a sleep over~~~~ i will never forget that night! my stomch is still saw from laughing lolololololol dressups and the camera and no i wont imbarress u amy but that was by far the funnyest thing u have ever done!!!!

ilove you guys heaps



defaultMY PONYSSSSSSSSSSSSSS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


  harli by far the best horse ever

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About me
hi im shey and i love my framily and my horses they meen the world to me!!!!!!!!!!!
i have 1 dog and 4 horses shadow is the dog and coggsy, harli, diago and dukey are my horses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i do pony club and i love showjumping and games i do it with my best mate Elyssa she has 8 horses and i wont tell you there names because the list will go on and on!
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